Finding the Motivation to Pursue Your Life’s Mission


Achieving your life’s mission is perhaps one of the greatest goals you could ever pursue. We all have the potential to achieve something great; something that will impact the entire world.

But finding your purpose and pursuing your mission is a lifelong journey that will require 100% dedication on your part. You need to be inspired and motivated. You need to be ready to face life’s ups and downs without compromising your core principles. You need to overcome possible failures before they get in your head and ruin your flow.

Pursuing your life’s mission is no easy job, but once you get to the destination, you will realize that it was all worth it. The overwhelming feeling of excitement and satisfaction that you experience when you score good results will keep you motivated to continue the journey regardless of the obstacles that may lie ahead.

With enough motivation, you can achieve anything you put your mind to!


What is Motivation?

Why do we do the things we do? What is the drive behind our day-to-day endeavors? What pushes us to build a career, establish a family, accumulate material goods, or cultivate positive change?

Any behavior is determined by interest or needs. People don’t do things just for the sake of doing something. We constantly feel certain satisfactions or dissatisfactions depending on the conditions in which they live and work, the state of their overall health, or the significance of the expected or obtained results.

In short, we need something to push us to invest time and energy into everything we do. But most importantly, this drive must come from within.

We each know how hard it is to push someone to action, especially if you have to use only the power of persuasion and you do not have the tools to force it. Every man acts for his reasons, not someone else’s.

Long story short, motivation is the inner force that drives us to achieve our goals. It is ‘the push’ that keeps us going, regardless of the obstacles that life might throw down our path.

Motivation and professional achievements are closely related to our satisfaction with the chosen profession. It is through passion – and the satisfaction associated with it – that we can access internal and external insources to help us accomplish our goals.

People with a coherent and positive self-image believe in their chances of success and generally, go towards professions that make the most of their potential. When they are co-opted in a project, they commit fully, encouraging others through their confident attitude.

It’s impressive to see just how much we can achieve once we find our inner motivation. From pursuing our life’s mission of inspiring others, motivation is the key ingredient of success.


Finding Your True Calling

The lack of motivation is a common problem for many of us. We invest massive amounts of energy to keep up with the demands of everyday life, and we often end up feeling mentally drained.

Furthermore, feeling demotivated can also result in guilt, shame, and stagnation in personal and professional growth. In other words, in the absence of motivation, you are like a sports car with an empty tank.

On the other hand, when you find your motivation, you experience a sudden rush in adrenaline and a powerful desire to get involved in something productive and constructive. You feel full of energy and eager to achieve just about everything you want to achieve.

Sound like an impossible dream right!?

Well, what if I told you that your lasting motivation is achievable.

People who manage to achieve this level of commitment and determination, are not superheroes. They don’t possess a special skill set that allows them to remain on top of their game 24/7. They’re neither geniuses nor performance junkies. They’re just people who’ve found their purpose and decided to pursue their life’s mission.

When you find your true calling, you switch from doing stuff because you have to, to doing stuff because you genuinely want to. Work ceases to feel exhausting or tedious, but fun and engaging. You crush one milestone after another, and you pursue your life’s mission knowing that you have what it takes to achieve it.

In short, the secret to lasting motivation is finding your true calling and pursuing your life’s mission.




5 Tips to Help You Stay Motivated

  1. Meditate

Over the last decades, meditative practices have gained massive popularity. From helping us achieve robust physical health to keeping us strong both mentally and spiritually, meditation is the one practice that shouldn’t be missing from your daily to-do list.

But aside from all the health-related benefits, meditative practices can also help you cultivate motivation.

By boosting your cognitive functions and regulating your emotions, meditation can indirectly impact the quality of your work. And good results will lead to increased motivation.

Lastly, people who meditate regularly experience a state of mental clarity. In other words, they feel less distracted and more focused on what they want to achieve. They can easily put aside daily worries, negative thoughts, and other forms of ‘mental junk’ and remain fixed on the tasks that will bring them closer to their life’s mission.


  1. Be Open to New Experiences

One of the reasons why we lose motivation is because we often get stuck in routine tasks. We tend to follow the same schedule and engage in the same activities, day after day, without ever inviting novelty into our life.

A good way to avoid boredom and remain motivated is by keeping an open attitude towards new experiences. And it doesn’t even have to be something related to your work.

For example, you can take a different route to work or maybe pick up a new hobby. The idea is to escape your comfort zone and give yourself the chance to experience something new and exciting.

Staying motivated is all about making life interesting and exciting.


  1. Celebrate the Small Victories

All work and no play can quickly drain your motivation and bring progress to a halt. That’s why it’s important to celebrate each milestone you conquer and each result you achieve.

Positive people who’ve found their purpose enjoy small and big victories with the same intensity. They are aware of the importance of small victories and celebrate them as such.

Break your big goal into smaller chunks and assign an appropriate reward to each milestone. Enjoy the fruits of your labor to stay motivated and conquer your big goal.


  1. Use Positive Affirmations

They say we are what we think. In other words, all the actions we take and all the results we achieve are the expressions of our thoughts.

Positive affirmations help us reconfigure our minds, purify our thoughts and restructure the dynamics of our brain so that we can materialize what we think and envision.

Affirming our beliefs, ideas, and dreams cultivate motivation and strengthen our faith in the potential of any action that we want to manifest.

When we’re verbally asserting our dreams, ambitions, and life mission, we experience a strong sense of security, and we inspire ourselves to pursue greatness.

Words are never empty. Each spoken syllable emits and employs energy that can be either beneficial or damaging.

If you keep saying, “I can’t do it,” the energy of your words will reject the Universal Force. If you say, “I can do it,” the Universe will equip you with motivation and the necessary skills to crush your goals.

Can you think of some affirmations that will help you stay motivated?


  1. Learn to Accept Failure

Whether you like it or not, failure is part of the game. The fulfillment of our life’s missions depends significantly on your ability to handle failure without giving up.

Look at all the thought leaders, CEOs, and innovators of our time. One of the things they all have in common is the failure. Every one of them has dealt with failure countless times.

When you decide to pursue your life’s mission, it’s natural and expected to encounter failures, delays, and unforeseen elements. In other words, it’s not a matter of if but when.

Take responsibility and accept that some choices you’ve made or behaviors you’ve manifested are the reason why you have turned away from your path. Even if others had a role in your failure, refrain from blaming them.

When failure brings you down, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep on chasing your dream!



Your purpose in life and the mission you choose to pursue are the greatest sources of motivation and inspiration.

However, if you want to stay motivated throughout this journey, make sure to:

  • Gain clarity through meditation.
  • Keep an open mind and embrace new, exciting experiences.
  • Use positive affirmations to unlock that inner push.
  • Celebrate the small victories.
  • Deal with failure before it demotivates you.

Discover your purpose, pursue your life’s mission, stick to your values and motivation will come naturally.