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Tony Myers, the founder, and CEO of My Meditation Online is a Transformational Holistic Healer, revolutionizing the world with innovative meditation and self-development techniques. For over 15 years he has traveled around the globe extensively, studying the techniques of many of the worlds most influential enlightened masters. His personal journey of self-discovery has led him to practice meditation and yoga from the Himalayan caves to ashrams in Australia and India. It was during this period of his life that he discovered his life mission, to help millions of others around the world to discover and live their life’s mission.

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Tony’s gentle instructions are very conducive to nurturing both the physical and spiritual side of yoga. His class at a pace that allows time to enjoy and relax into the postures. No feeling of competing with other students. The instructions are not too technical – just gentle guidance. I feel peaceful, relaxed, rejuvenated after the classes and have noticed Improved fitness, flexibility, posture and mental focus, with more general awareness and the ability to live in the moment.

Prof. Roy Hall

Professor of Virology, University of Queensland Australia

Tony Myers is a dream to work with. He is a superb yoga and meditation teacher. His gentle manner guides you through the practice.  I’ve gone from someone who couldn’t meditate at all to becoming a more centered, calm and focus meditator.  I have additionally benefitted from working with Tony by gaining clarity to write my memoir. Tony’s Yoga Nidra techniques have changed my life.  I highly recommend Tony’s Yoga Nidra classes. He is a respectful gentleman.

Tracy Powers


Please Tell Us Where To Send Your FREE Course.


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